Wood Engraving Service

Laser engraved walknut block for a wedding gift

Wood engraving is one of our specialist areas and a medium we love to work with. Wood is a great material to laser engrave and gives such beautiful variations of colour. Laser engraving wood achieves varying depths but we can control the depth of the marking with the power and speed settings of the laser.

We can engrave and laser cut a whole variety of woods ranging from ash, balsa, beech, birch, cedar, cherry wood, fir, hemlock, hickory, mahogany, maple, oak, plywood, redwood, spruce, teak, walnut wood and many other exotic woods.

We can engrave anything from names to messages to corporate and company logos onto most wooden items. For logos, drawings and patterns we will require high resolution JPEG file formats to work from; for vector files we will need EPS, AI and PDF file formats.

Don’t worry if you don’t have access to these file formats – simply contact us to describe your needs and we can usually help. We also provide a drawing service for an additional cost where we can create your shapes and patterns into vector formats.

Designs look incredible when laser engraved into wood. All woods react differently to heat laser engraving which burns and penetrates the wood surface to reveal a natural burnt effect. The appearance of all the contrasting shades gives an almost 3D impression. We can work on both flat and 3D objects; the applications for laser wood engraving are endless. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Chopping boards and kitchen knife handles
  • Clothes hangers
  • Cocktail and chop sticks
  • Engrave wood boxes and jewelry boxes
  • Funeral urns with a gold colour fill
  • Laser engraved wood plaques and house signs
  • Pencils and pencil boxes
  • Picture frames
  • Sports equipment such as baseball bats and cricket bats
  • Wine and champagne boxes
  • Wooden eukelele and other musical instruments
  • Wooden forks and knives
  • Wooden spoons can be laser engraved with logos or names

We offer three levels of wood engraving service

1-hour service*
Same day service*
Next day first Class postal service
*Subject to your location

1 hour service*
Same day Service*
Next day First Class Postal Services

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* Subject to your location

Getting your items to us

Whatever your wood engraving ideas, we can help. Just send us a few details including the item for laser engraving, and any images of the item if possible. We also need to know what’s going onto the item so do send any vector files (AI, EPS, PDF file formats) for pattern or logo work. As its digital engraving you can choose any font of your own choice. We also offer a colour fill process to make the engraving stand out a different colour such as gold for instance. For colour fill we require the wood surface area to be flat and smooth and if the surface already has a lacquered surface the better for us so request a colour if required. There are many ways to seal wood but we advise the engraving to be applied first then to seal the wood afterwards.

Quantity discounts are available on orders over 10 units and more.

Contact us on 0208 958 6111 or email .

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