Laser Cutting Service in London

We specialise in precision laser cutting services in the London area and all over the UK for one off projects or large batch orders.

Who does Krintech cater for?

We cater for all trades and professions, students and individuals. Each with their own individual custom laser cutting requirements: architectural trade, camera departments, exhibition designers, event organizers, graphic designers, jewelers and fashion trade, model makers, production designers in film and TV, prop makers, prototyping, retail window display companies, wedding organizers and many more.

Which materials can Krintech laser cut?

We are able to cut most materials like hard and soft woods, veneers, acrylic (check out our acrylic display cases for model cars), card, cork, foam, felt, leathers, lino, paper, perspex, vinyl and a wide range of fabrics. We can also cut various thicknesses from 0.5mm right up to 50mm depending on the object and material. You can also view our Acrylic Sheets page for more information on how we laser cut acrylic.

How does Laser Cutting Work?

Our Laser cutting machine works by firing a high power Co2 laser that cuts by melting, burning or vaporizing the material. An extremely fine level of cutting detail can be achieved with a wide variety of materials and with various textiles such as acrylic, foam, leather, wood and more.

We can replicate company logos and artworks into cutting or engraving formats. Laser cutting systems can manufacture components directly from CAD drawings faster than any other process. The laser cutter is very flexible and works from numerous file formats such as AI, EPS and PDF.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

Our Xenetech high speed laser cutting machine is fitted with a 100-watt tube, which allows us to cut soft and hard materials of up to 12mm thickness to the highest quality and precision. It can cut through most materials (apart from glass and metals), achieving infinitely complex cuts and engravings. The cut line usually has a tolerance width of 0.3mm but this becomes wider if the material thickness is larger than 6mm. The applications of laser cutting technology are endless.

Other features of Krintech’s laser cutting systems

Our new laser cutting machine is a Universal Laser system which has an impressive workable bed size of 1200mm by 610mm and works with objects with a maximum depth of 300mm (8 inches).

Our Universal Laser is a super-speed system, of which there is only a handful in the UK. It uses TWO laser beams which enables it to carry out any engraving task in half the normal time. A unique feature of our laser cutting systems is the ability to control the power of the laser by speed and temperature. This allows us to score and etch onto the surface for detailed work to a correct depth of cut.

Custom die cutting service

We also offer a custom die cutting service on all leather hides, paper and cards of all thickness. If you send us your materials and fabrics and email us your patterns, we can custom build your shape and patterns into steel and metal die cutting boards and using our 2 ton press, cut your shapes to exact sizes. We can also make custom luggage tags, leather labels, even key fobs and machine stitch the edging in a variety of colour threads.

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Drawing service

We also offer a drawing service for those of you who do not possess a vector drawing file or require an image building in CAD for laser cutting and engraving, contact us with your requirements.

We offer four levels of laser cutting services:

1-hour service *
Same day service*
Next day First Class postal service*
4-5 days for Die cutting
*Subject to your location

Getting your items to our London address

When sending us your enquiry for laser cutting services, please mention the material and thickness for cutting. If you require just sheets then include the sheet sizes.

For all other quotations we will require the vector cutting file saved as AI, EPS or PDF file formats. If the sheet sizes are larger than A1 size or 90cm by 60cm we will require 2 days for cutting. Send us the details of your project and we will aim to respond with a quote within two hours. Call us on 0208 9586111or drop us an email at .

iPad Engraving Service

We also offer a professional, bespoke iPad and Tablet engraving service for your iPads and iPad cases, we can engrave all the generations and all the models from iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and 4, and all tablets, and in all colours. Our Xenetech Laser is capable of reproducing any design, company logo, graphics or text of any font and size with a rapid turnaround time.

An engraved iPad or tablet makes a unique statement. If you’re giving one as a gift, why not have it engraved with a personal message to create an unforgettable gift for someone special?

Corporate iPad Engraving

Corporate orders are very popular and iPad/tablet engraving is a common addition for both security and corporate Identity. Engraved iPads also make popular corporate gifts. We’ll laser engrave your business name or logo onto your company’s iPads or other brand of tablet for impressive and unique branding.

Quantity discounts are available on orders over 10 units and more.

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