Glass Engraving Services in London, UK

Glass engraving with beautiful images, patterns or text can achieve striking results. Lasers are an excellent choice for glasswork, as their speed and accuracy is preferred to traditional methods by many. When the laser beam hits the surface of the glass, the surface is heated and fine glass particles are blasted off. There’s no depth to the image that’s engraved into the glass, just a crisp frosted effect.

How does Krintech protect the glass surface from damage?

Glass comes in many different types of quality and composition, and this can make it difficult to predict the exact effect that will be achieved during the glass engraving process. We test glass types before starting a job to establish the correct power setting, and treat the surface of the glass with a thin film of liquid soap to protect the glass surface from damage during engraving.

What other glass services does Krintech offer?

Sand blasting glass gives a smoother and sharper appearance with razor sharp results; the process taking slightly longer as its mainly hand processed but well worth the results. We also offer 2 forms of permanent colour printing onto glass, water slide transfers and screen printing. We can print onto flat glass as well as round glass, as well as engrave onto organic curved shape glassware to create the ultimate and bespoke gift. Furthermore, we also offer bottle engraving services.

We offer the following services for glass engraving and glass printing

  • Glass screen printing: sharp results, smooth to the touch, up to 3 colours, printed using flat carousel; screen print, pad printing and roller printing, using permanent ceramic inks and lightly baked for a permanent finish. On bulk orders of 50 units plus.
  • Laser engraving: precise and sharp results, slightly rough to the touch, with frosted colour finish. On single and bulk orders, using laser technology.
  • Sand blasting: sharp results, smooth to the touch with a slight depth in the engraving, with frosted colour finish. Engraved by sand pressure, prepared and polished by hand. On single and bulk orders.
  • Water slide transfers: sharp results, smooth to the touch, up to 5 colours hand painted using permanent ceramic inks; baked at high temperature and polished by hand. On bulk orders of 100 units plus.

Some of most popular glass engraving ideas orders

  • Beer glass engraving
  • Filled champagne and wine bottles engraved and colour filled
  • Flower vases
  • Fruit bowls
  • Glass front cigar humidors
  • Glass trophies and awards sand blasted
  • Perfume bottles
  • Shot glasses laser engraving
  • Swing top water bottles sand blasted
  • Wine glasses for corporate events


Colour printing onto a glass award, and glass engraving onto a cigar box

1 hour service*
Same day Service*
Next day First Class Postal Services

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* Subject to your location

We offer several levels of glass engraving service

  • 1-hour service for laser engraving*
  • Same day service for laser engraving and bulk orders*
  • 2 days service for sand blasting
  • 3-4 days for bulk order sand blasting
  • 3-5 days for screen printing onto glass
  • 5-9 days for water slide transfer printing
  • Next day first Class postal service
  • Next day UPS couriers for bulk orders
  • 2 days for Pallet deliveries

*Subject to your location

Getting your items to our London address

Whatever your glass engraving ideas, we can help. For laser and sand blasting send us a few details including the item, along with images of the item if possible. The quantity and all necessary artwork in vector black and white or simply let us know what message is to go onto the glass, you can choose any fonts of your choice. We also offer a colour fill on all sand blasted items as there is a slight recess in the engraving, so you can also let us know the colour you would prefer. You can send us your items by post, courier or pallet. We also sell certain glassware such as shot glasses, beer glasses, glass tankards, swingtop water bottles, whiskey glasses and glass wards.

Which file formats can I use to send my artwork file?

For colour printing and transfers we will require the full artwork file as AI, EPS or PDF file formats. We will then send you a digital proof for your confirmation before proceeding with the order.

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Quantity discounts are available on orders over 10 units and more.

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