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Krintech has been providing a high quality screen-printing service to manufacturers in London and beyond for more than eight years. We specialise in printing industrial instruments and control panels of all shapes and sizes.

We also screen print on a wide variety of other items such as corporate and wedding gift items, computer flash pens, display name plates, external hard drives, exhibition display boards, glass bottles, hotel shower plates, key pads, light switches, metal plaques, name plates, torches, turning dials/knobs, USB sticks Zippo lighters and many more.

There are many advantages for screen printing: we can achieve high precision artwork details on the smallest of items and there are endless permanent marking opportunities with the unlimited range of colour printing onto 3D items.

Many of the items we print are destined for high-value industrial equipment. Consistent top quality printing is vital for these applications.

We pride ourselves on quick turnaround times and aim to get most jobs out in about 4-6 working days.

How does screen-printing work?

Screen-printing is a method of printing based on stenciling which can be used to print on many different surfaces, including fabric, glass, metal, paper, plastic or wood.

A fine mesh (silk would have been used originally but nylon is often used nowadays) is tightly stretched across a frame to form the screen. An impermeable stencil (sometimes a coating of light-sensitive emulsion or film) is applied to the frame so that ink will only pass through to where an image is required.

The screen is then placed on top of the fabric or surface to be printed and ink is placed on the topside of the screen. A rubber blade called a squeegee is pulled across the top of the screen, transferring the ink design onto the surface being printed beneath. A number of printing screens using different stencils and coloured ink can be used to create more layers to the design.

We are able to screen print most flat items. We also use a pad printer for curved shapes and have our own rotational screen printer for printing onto round and cylindrical items such as bottles.

We can screen print on to quite a few different items such as

  • Acrylic displays and plaques
  • Control panels
  • Glass trophies
  • Invites and business cards
  • Light switches
  • Metal and glass plaques
  • Slate and stone slabs
  • USB sticks

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We offer two levels of screen printing service

4-5 days printing service on 100 plus units
5-7 days on bulk items over 1000 plus units
Please note: we do not screen print single orders

Getting your items to us

Whatever your metal engraving ideas, we can help. Just send us a few details including the item for engraving and images of the item if possible. We also need to know what’s going onto the item and send us any vector files for pattern or logo work.

For our screen printing process we can only print on unit volumes from 100 and above due to our set up charges.

Quantity discounts are available on orders over 200 units and more

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