Perspex Cut to Size and Acrylic Sheet Cutting Service London

We supply premium quality PerspexTM acrylic sheets to both trade and public, custom cut to your specific requirements. Please browse through the wide variety of Perspex acrylic swatches, ranging from the basic colour sets to the new range of Frost, Fluorescent, Glitter, Mirror and Pearlescent.

The thickness ranges from 0.5mm up to 12mm thickness in clear, and 3-5mm in most colours. Our quality acrylic plastics and products are competitively priced with fast next day delivery service.

Free Acrylic and Perspex Cut-to-Size Service

We offer a free acrylic sheet cutting service, allowing customers to purchase custom sizes in acrylic sheets, tubes and rods with the advantage of next day delivery. We can offer smaller sheet sizes up to A1 size for next day delivery to your door. For larger sheet sizes from A1 size up to 3 meters, we will require a 2 day turn around which we can deliver to your door. This service is for acrylics from 3mm up to 100mm thickness.

What will the edges of the acrylic be like?

We can only cut straight edges by saw or laser, which gives you a clean edge. A laser cut and diamond polished edge gives you a glass finish edge with no tooling marks, ideal for acrylic plaques, awards, jewelry stands etc.

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Most of our non-stock items are only a day away, which enables us to turn work around quickly. We also make acrylic display cases and heat bent acrylic awards and stands, contact us with all your requirements to or call us on 0208 958 6111.

Template service London

In order to cut your custom shapes onto acrylic sheets we need a vector CAD file. If you do not have a CAD file but have a paper template then we can trace and copy your patterns and shapes onto a CAD system at any size to carry out the laser cutting. Simply send us the paper template or hard copy for us to record and draw out the precise data.

3 Options in the Cut-to-Size Service

Option 1: Factory saw-cut edge. Free service
Option 2: Laser cut edge, clean cut finished edge. Chargeable.
Option 3: Diamond polished edge. Chargeable

For all enquiries

When placing an order please provide us with the following information: Acrylic product code, material thickness, length, width and quantity of the material you require. This will help us to respond with a quick and precise quotation.

Contact us on 0208 958 6111 or email us on .


>> Download colour selector pdf here <<

Download colour selector pdf here

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