Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting Services in London

Krintech Ltd is a family run business based in North London, offering high end, high speed laser cutting and laser engraving services using ‘state of the art’ technology producing superb results for our clients throughout London and the UK.

What does Krintech specialise in?

We specialise in personalisation; from engraving single items and bulk orders to corporate branding, brand printing especially for promotional merchandise, embossing, debossing, metal engraving, diamond engraving, laser cutting, laser engraving, glass engraving, wood engraving, gift engraving, iPad and Tablet engraving, Kindle engraving, etchings and acrylic sheets cut to size.

Why choose Krintech?

By combining the highest quality manufacturing processes with genuine design ethos and creativity, we produce unique products with perfect end results each time. Having invested in the industry’s state of the art laser machines, our modern, high-powered Xenetech Laser enables us to produce high quality work with efficient speed and precision accuracy.

Does Krintech provide services for both companies and individuals?

Yes, our work ranges from one-off projects to sub contract services, providing laser cutting and laser engraving services to large companies and individuals across London and the UK.

Laser Cutting Services in London

We are able to cut most materials such as hard and soft woods, veneers, acrylic, perspex, leathers, card, paper, foam, rubber, felt, lino, cork, vinyl and a wide range of fabrics. We can also cut various thicknesses from 0.5mm right up to 100mm depending on the object and material used. For examples please see our Laser Cutting page.

Laser Engraving Services in London

We can engrave most materials from wood, veneers, plastic, glass, crystal, leather, foam, fabrics, stone, ceramics and metal. We can also engrave most 3D objects within an A1 size and up to 8 inches in height, and including anything from gift items to electronic goods such as shoes and iMac computers to steering wheels.

We will always do our best and are happy to advise on the suitability of any product accordingly. If we can, we will!

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