Metal engraving and marking service in London

We can engrave onto most metal surfaces. The following are the methods used in which we mark and cut metal.

Laser cutting and laser marking using CO2 laser

We can laser engrave and laser etch top surface layers of anodized coated metals to reveal the powder coated colour underneath. Occasionally engraving a little deeper can reveal the colour of the true metal. The laser is ideal for intricate and complex artworks. We can also laser engrave enamel and painted metals to reveal the true metal state underneath.

Compound marking using laser technology

Using surface compounds such as Cermark sprays, we can laser mark hard metals such as stainless steel, onto the surface to leave a black colour finish print. This is ideal for flush metal panel switches and control panels.

If you’re particularly looking for stainless steel engraving services, you can contact us for more information.

Diamond drag and scratch engraving machine

Our new Umarq metal engraving machine scratch-marks metal surfaces using a diamond tip that drags across the sheet causing accurate scratch markings operated from CAD files to also produce images and logos. This is ideal for small gift items such as business card holders, cases, cufflinks, flat jewellery, gold plated metal plaques, hip flasks, keyrings, lighters, lockets and pendants, metal cutlery, metal plaques, pens, pet tags, sunglass cases etc.

Which other services does Krintech use the Umarq machine for?

We also use the Umarq machine for engraving small glass items such as ink bottles, spectacles and most popular for engraving perfume bottles. This diamond engraver is incredible at achieving micro-markings onto small chrome watch buckles and metal rivets and buttons.

Metal etching using acid marking

Using acid etching technology we can produce much finer detail on metal sheets like brass, copper, nickel, and stainless steel. We can cut metals from 0.2mm all the way up to 1.5mm and produce ultra fine engraved text and images.

It’s ideal for metal business cards and fine architectural model making parts. As it is acid etchings, we can only use our own materials like brass, copper, nickel and brushed stainless steel. With acid etching, we can fine cut through the half etch the metal surfaces.

Metal printing using screen and pad printing

We are able to colour print onto most metal surfaces and up to three colours using our flat screen carousel, pad printers and rotary screen printers. Once printed, we then bake the items gently to allow the ink to permanently adhere to the metal surface. View our screen-printing page for further information.

Does Krintech provide colour vinyl printing services?

Yes, we can also colour print and vinyl press your artwork and messages onto thin sheets of metal such as aluminium, brass, nickel, silver and gold plate. We mainly use this process for a quick turnaround on smaller metal plaques and label badges. Also ideal for trophies, door plates and locker labels.

Which metals can Krintech engrave and mark?

Aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel, gold, nickel, tin, mild steel, silver, anodized coated metals and most plated metals like chrome and gold.

Please note we can only cut metal sheets up to 1.5mm thickness. If your metal item is suitable for these methods then please contact us for a free quote.

We can engrave on to a variety of metal items such as:

  • Business cards
  • Cooking utensils
  • Control switches and panels
  • Knife blades
  • Laptops and mobile phones
  • Metal chrome jewelry
  • Metal plaques and awards
  • Watch backs and buckles
  • Zippo lighters

You can also take a look at our online store for steel engraving gifts.

Fibre Laser Marking Machine

We have just invested in a new N-Lase Desktop Pro from Needham Fibre Laser Marking machine. It's a 30W M0PA Laser with a Rotary system to have the capability of engraving round objects. This machine is great for tool etching, marking or engraving a wide range of applications including most metals, plastics cardboard and wood.

The fibre laser uses a laser power source to generate a high powered laser which transmits through a Theta lens with high accuracy. As the laser beam passes through the lens the invisible laser hits the surface of the material, effectively heating it up and oxidising the top layers, leaving the metal intact. This enables the material to be permanently marked.

We have two lenses to be able to laser mark from an area of 100mm square up to 160mm square.

Due to popular demand we are now able to laser mark keyboards in many different Language's such as German, Japanese and Cyrillic Keyboards.

The Fibre Laser is a great solution for product identification and traceability, it can mark all metals coated and uncoated with a marking compounds. This laser is used for many different applications such as:

  • Tool marking
  • Brass & stainless steel plaque etchings
  • Personalisation of products
  • Jewellery marking
  • Stethoscopes & medical equipment marking
  • Parts etching
  • QR codes & barcode marking
  • Cutlery marking
  • Etching keys
  • Switch plate panel marking
  • Foreign language keyboard etching
  • Sunglasses & spectacle arms and frame marking

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Getting your items to us

Whatever your metal engraving ideas, we can help. Just send us a few details including the item for engraving and images of the item if possible. We also need to know what’s going onto the item and send us any vector files for pattern or logo work.

Quantity discounts are available on orders over 10 units and more.

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