Embossing, Debossing and Hot Foil Stamping Service

The raised creation of a pattern, image or text on a surface is known as embossing. The opposite of this is known as debossing where the print is pressed into the material to leave a permanent cavity; this method of print is most popular with leather and paper card. Heat and pressure combined together reshapes the surface to create the impression.


This is our most popular method of leather and paper personalisation technique. We deboss many handbags and wallets on a weekly basis adding initials in gold or silver and many other colours of foil. We can offer personalisation on your items, and stock a range of brass type in styles and sizes (select from the bottom of the page).

We can make up your initials and deboss them where we feel fit and possible to do so. If you require something a little more ambitious such as more characters or patterns and logos, then we also make our very own bespoke blocking dies and stamps in magnesium and brass for debossing. The cost for this is usually more and takes a little longer than the next day service we offer.

Hot Foil Printing

At Krintech we also offer a new Hot Foil Stamping and printing service also known as 'heat stamping and blocking'. We have recently invested in several new stamping machines which are capable of blind and colour foil printing, stamping and blocking, which can emboss, deboss and press cut materials and objects.

We are now able to personalise your gift items or personal possession’s by stamping your name, initials, personal message for images onto a wide variety of items, some of which are listed below.

We are also able to stamp and print folders, files, iPad covers etc. for the business and corporate world. We can emboss, deboss company logos and images by creating solid metal dies manufactured by us to then heat stamp directly onto these items.

We use brass and magnesium dies cut to a maximum depth of 3mm tooling to give the best results. This depth enables us to heat stamp onto padded leathers and many other types of leather leaving a deep impression.

We can accept most workable files from AI, EPS and PDF file formats. Once the artwork has been created we then create the brass and magnesium blocking dies which usually takes 24 hours to create from time of order. Once we have the dye stamp we would usually require another 24 hours to complete the job.

Custom Die Cutting Service

We also offer a custom die cutting service on all leather hides and panels. If you send us your leather materials and fabrics and email us your patterns, we can custom build your shape and patterns into steel and metal die cutting boards and using our 2 ton press, cut leather shapes, panels and even tags. We can also make custom luggage tags, leather labels and key fobs and machine stitch the edging in a variety of colour threads.

We would require a minimum of 48 hours to produce a die for heat stamping anything with specific requirements like images and logos. We would also require a minimum of 24 hours to heat stamp any gift items with names or initials from a choice of the fonts we have available in stock.

Please note: We are unable to emboss, deboss any metals, glass, woods, plastics, any round items and heavily padded items. We offer a last minute service for laser engraving and leather engraving on items that cannot be heat stamped.

Embossing / Debossing Ideas

Below is a list of the types of items the machine is capable of printing and stamping onto.

Bibles / hymn books Invites Mobile phone cases
Book covers Jewellery boxes Moleskin notebooks
Card holders Key fobs Passport covers
Diaries / notebooks Leather bags Promotional items
e-Reader cases Leather belts Purses
Filofaxes Leather photo albums Satchels
Business cards Leather wallets Sunglasses cases
Gift bags Luggage tags Watch boxes
Gun slips / cartridge bags Menus Wedding invites

We are able to hot foil print / stamp blind (non colour) in a variety of coloured foils: gold, gold effect, textured gold, silver, rose gold, textured silver, most spectrum colours in matt and gloss, pastel colors, pearl effect to name just a few.

Choices of font for embossing

1 hour service*
Same day Service*
Next day First Class Postal Services

Get in touch

* Subject to your location

We offer two levels of embossing / debossing service:

1-hour service for initials and short names*
Next day first Class postal service for names and initials on gift items*
4-5 days for Die cutting
3 days for bespoke blocking dies and stamp debossing
*Subject to your location

Getting your items to us

Whatever your heat stamping, embossing and debossing idea, we can help. Just send us a few details including the item for debossing / embossing.

Images of the item are most important as not all items can be embossed or debossed and an image will help us confirm whether we can work on the item or not. We also need to know what’s going onto the item so please send us any vector files (AI, ESP, PDF file format) for pattern or logo work.

You can also chose from these fonts above and request a colour if required. If you do not require a colour then just specify blind embossing or debossing for a natural finish look.

Quantity discounts are available on orders over 10 units and more.

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